ROS Safety Working Group

This is the information page for the ROS Safety Working Group. The Safety WG devotes itself to doing all the boring bits of building safe robots using ROS.

The Safety WG meets via teleconference every two weeks. For the next working group meeting, see the ROS 2 events calendar.

The working group has no official membership. Anyone is welcome to participate and contribute at the level they see fit.

Working group activities

The Safety WG’s initial focus is on producing a catalogue of architectural patterns commonly used in safety-critical systems and how to implement them using ROS 2.

The Safety WG also has a long-term activity to build a “Safety-Critical ROS Cookbook”. This is intended to

The working group welcomes ideas and concepts for additional activities. If you have an idea for something you would like the working group to put energy into, join the next working group meeting and introduce your idea.

Safety Patterns Catalogue

The Safety Patterns Catalogue provides examples of how to implement common safety-critical architectural patterns in ROS 2. For ideas on how to achieve things such as truly-redundant structures or voting-based reliability mechanisms, see this catalogue.

If an architecture pattern you need or know is not in the catalogue, make a pull request to add it!

Safety-Critical ROS Cookbook

The Safety-Critical ROS Cookbook provides information on how to use ROS as part of building safe robots. It includes such information as what you must to do to use ROS sufficiently safely for your application, what you must not to to avoid reducing safety, and in what situations extra work may be necessary to use ROS in a safety-critical robot and what that work may involve. Its intended audience includes companies and developers who will be developing robots with potential safety concerns who want to know why ROS is suitable and how to use it correctly, as well as experienced ROS professionals.

Contributions to the cookbook are welcome from anyone, so if you have a tip you wish to contribute then make a pull request!

Working group meeting minutes